AI-Powered Prospecting.

Imagine Prospects That Look Just Like Your Most Successful ICPs.


The UberConnectForce advanced AI-powered discovery engine generates targeted prospects on-demand. 

This technology breakthrough completely eliminates the need for prospect lists.

UberConnectForce's deep machine-learning engine mimics the decision-making used by humans, then in real-time, it finds and ranks prospects based on your most successful prospect and ideal customer profiles. 

At Scale And On-The-Fly - In Any Quantities You Desire.

Then, it feeds those high value targets directly into ConnectAndSell which is integrated with Salesforce, enabling the UberConnectForce SDR team to perform outreach at 10X the speed.

UberConnectForce - 10 Times Faster - 100 Times More Targeted.

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It's Harder Than Ever To Fill The Funnel

Cost is Too High


The average sales rep costs $80,000 a year and they do an average of 46 sales activities a day. 

Your cost per sales activity is at least $8 each. 

The UberConnectForce cost is 90% lower.

Deal Speed is Too Slow


It takes 6,250 phone dials to get 4 presentations, to get 1 deal.

At your current rate, that will take you 136 days.

The UberConnectForce cycle rate is 90% faster.

Productivity is Terrible


Most sales require 8-12 prospect touches to close. 80% of sales people give up after the 3rd touch.

We use advanced sales acceleration technology and a disciplined outreach methodology. 

UberConnectForce guarantees 8,000 sales activities each month.

Not Enough Compelling Content


Your current content looks like all of your competitors' content. It's predictable and boring.

Our creative team produces exciting content.

UberConnectForce content drives interest at each step.

Lead Lists SUCK!


Even the lists from the "top providers" are wrong 40% of the time. But worse, they add no prospect insight.

1,000 prospects = 400 re-treads

40% of sales time is spent not selling.

Performance is Problem #1


A high-performing SDR in the top 1% of their field generates 100 sales activities per day.

Are you able to attract that top sales rep?

UberConnectForce generates 4 times the number of sales activities for the cost of a single rep.

How We Do It

Design Your Playbook for Success

The UberConnectForce team works with you  to understand your markets, value and buyers, create and/or refine your messaging, and then help you design, develop and produce your content while getting all of your channel components sorted out. 

Live Conversations - Not eMail

UberConnectForce believes that nothing gets sold by email or social touches alone and ultimately you need to talk with your prospects. Our outbound reps use advanced  technology to get you hundreds of meetings at speeds you won't believe.

Augmented With Social Selling

The UberConnectForce method of cultivating your prospects with social media touch-points uses all of the most advanced platforms within a managed cadence structure. The combination of email and social touch-points delivered at the right time is golden.

Sequencing For Success

The automated orchestration of all channels (email, voice and social outreach) is critical to the playbook execution process and we use an industry leading tool-kit as a key component in our managed approach.

We Aren't Just Appointment Setters

The UberConnectForce U.S. based sales development team is professionally trained to fully qualifies your prospects and then use selling skills to create interest so that when you engage, your prospects will be anxious to hear more about your solution 

Targeted Prospects On-Demand

Our AI technology eliminates the need for prospect lists and our deep machine-learning engine finds and ranks prospects based on your ideal customer profiles. UberConnectForce does this at scale and on-the-fly creating powerful target lists



SecurEnvoy is a Cybersecurity solutions company in the Identity and Access Management space.

“Our budget was constrained, and we needed to significantly increase our successful outbound and lead generation capacity. After evaluating other vendors, UberConnectForce had one of the best systems for contacting the right people directly and often.


In the first month alone, we were able to build a significant pipeline. 

Their local business development staff were great to work with, understood our technology quickly and their communication back to us was 100%. I’m familiar with the technology they use, and frankly, there is no comparison. Highly recommended.”



Steve King, Founder/CEO, 9X Startup Veteran


UberConnectForce is the market leader for managed top-of-funnel sales and marketing. services. 

Just as we did with supply chain performance management at seeCommerce in the 90’s, revolutionizing retail, consumer products, and automotive sectors for companies like Circuit City Stores, DaimlerChrysler, and Herbalife.

And just as we did with innovative, Business Process Outsourcing at Endymion in the 00’s, for companies like HP, Georgia Pacific, Wachovia, and Toyota.

And we followed those successes by creating the market leader in sales acceleration (ConnectAndSell) to help companies like IBM, Informatica and RingCentral increase sales and revenue.

We have now created a new and innovative approach to rapid sales development and have generated extraordinary cost:value results for delighted customers across 27 market verticals. Including over $600 million in new revenue.

C'mon and join our club. We will get you up and running in a matter of hours.

I promise you we will change your world.


Our Strategic Advisory Board

Chris Beall, CEO, President, ConnectAndSell, Inc.


 Chris is the CEO of ConnectAndSell the leader in SaaS sales acceleration technology, and has been participating in software start-ups as a founder or at a very early stage for the past 30 years. Chris is the genius behind ConnectAndSell's market leadership and spectacular growth over the last 8 years   focusing mainly on strategy, business design and development, and product architecture and design. 

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Robert Beattie, Senior Director, Sales, Thomson Reuters


 Rob is the Senior Sales Director for Thomson Reuters and sits on the TR Inside Sales Council - a virtual team of sales leaders from throughout the company that share techniques, tools and best practices to help all business units succeed. Rob is so successful at inside sales leadership, he was named the  AA-ISP's Executive of the Year at the 10th annual leadership conference in April of 2018. 

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Trish Bertuzzi, Founder and CEO, The Bridge Group, Inc.


Trish is the Founder and CEO of the Bridge Group, the leading sales consulting services company that helps B2B technology companies build world-class Inside Sales teams. Since 1998, they have helped over 320+ companies build, expand and optimize Inside Sales. Trish is also the author of the best selling book, The Sales Development Playbook available on Amazon 

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Meagen Eisenberg, Chief Marketing Officer, TripActions


Meagen is the Chief Marketing Officer at TripActions, and a transformational leader, advisor and marketer, with experience at global businesses ranging from startups to Fortune 500. Meagen has managed and participated in 9 successful exits since 2011 as an operator and advisor, including 3 IPOs and 6 mergers and acquisitions in addition to her mastery of worldwide demand generation and marketing.

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Larissa Gschwandtner, VP Sales & Marketing, Selling Power, Inc.


Larissa is the VP, Sales & Marketing for Selling Power, Inc., the leading media company for B2B sales leaders that produces the award winning Selling Power magazine and Selling Power TV, a daily video interview series on sales success. Larissa also manages the hugely popular Sales 3.0 Conference, which helps sales leaders create greater customer value. 

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Tony Hughes, CEO, Managing Partner, RSVPSelling Pvt Ltd


Tony is the charismatic Managing Director of RSVPSelling Pty Ltd and well-known keynote speaker, sales improvement consultant, bestselling author and award-winning blogger on everything related to modern sales and sales technology. Tony was twice awarded as '#1 sales blogger' globally and LinkedIn ranked Tony as the '#3 sales thought leader' globally.

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Allen Kay, Founder & CEO,The Advertising Company, Inc. Iconic Branding


Allen is the advertising genius behind the best commercials produced in the past 30 years; is in two industry Halls of Fame including the Clio for conceiving the classic Xerox “Monk” commercial (chosen 25 best campaigns of the 20th Century and the 10 All-Time Best Super Bowl Spots) and the Madison Avenue Walk of Fame for creating the “If you see something, say something.” global anti terrorism campaign

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Jill Konrath, CEO, Sales Game Changing Strategist


Jill Konrath is an internationally recognized sales expert and a frequent speaker at conferences and sales kick-off meetings. She’s also the bestselling author Selling to Big Companies, SNAP Selling, Agile Selling, and More Sales Less Time.

With over 1/3 million followers, in 2018 LinkedIn named Jill as their NUMBER ONE Business-to-Business Sales Expert.  

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Rebecca Lieb, Founding Partner, Kaleido Insights


Rebecca is a content marketing and digital strategist for media and tech companies, and has served as a global strategic advisor and corporate trainer to a wide range of brands such as Facebook, Home Depot, Nestlé, Anthem, Adobe, Honeywell, Cisco, DuPont, Pinterest, Gannett, the IAB, Fidelity, Save the Children, and The Federal Reserve Bank of New York. 

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Lisa Earle McLeod, Keynote Speaker, Strategist, Bestselling Author


Lisa Earle McLeod is the global thought-leader who introduced Selling with Noble Purpose into business. She is a keynote speaker, executive advisor, author, and strategy consultant whose clients include SalesLoft, Roche and Dave & Buster's. Her best selling book, Selling with Noble Purpose changed the game in sales by shifting the sales narrative to one of customer impact. 

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Steve Richard, Chief Revenue Officer, ExecVision


Steve is the CRO for ExecVision, the market leader in sales coaching, conversation intelligence and speech analytics. Steve was also the founder and CEO of Vorsight and Funnel Clarity. A highly regarded  B2B sales and marketing expert and sales kickoff speaker, Steve is a Board Advisor to the AA-ISP and has been featured in numerous publications and major business news media.

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Kim Green, Chief Executive Officer, KAZO Security


Kim is the Founder and CEO of KAZO Security.  KAZO Security is a global cybersecurity and data privacy advisory services company helping startups and early stage companies build security and privacy into the initial  stages of their business and product life cycles. Kim will assist UberCinnectForce in assuring that we comply with all data privacy regulatory requirements.   

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