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Your Sales Cost Are Too High

If your sales reps cost $80,000 a year and they generate an industry average* of 46 sales activities a day, your cost per sales activity is at least $7 each.

Our cost is 85% lower.

Your Deal Speed Is Too Slow

It takes 6,250 phone dials to get 125 conversations, to get 25 meetings, to get 4 presentations, to get 1 deal.

At your current rate, that could take you 136 days to cycle through that process.

Our cycle rate is 16 days or 87% faster.

Your Sales Performance Suffers

80% of sales require an average of 8-12 prospect touches to close. 80% of sales people give up after the 3rd touch.

We generate 400 outbound dials a day and use a disciplined sequencing methodology to insure we continue to stay in touch throughout the entire cycle.

Your Content Is Ineffective

Our creative team produces compelling eBooks, white papers and videos that our reps use to drive value at each step through the sales funnel so that we are always adding value with each outreach.

Not just any content but the right content for each prospect at the right time.

You Can't Afford ABM

The average sales rep spends 30 minutes per prospect building an account profile.

1,000 prospects = 63 days

updating your CRM

But, not selling.

Our automated lead enrichment expands your contact list with full business and social details about your targets, their companies, their management teams, competitors and products or services integrated with your CRM. 

Your Inside Sales Productivity Is Low

Base + Commission = $72K + $25K Tech Stack/Training Cost  x Headcount + Leader + Ramp of 3.3 months + Turnover + Management. 

The average SDR sets up 5 meetings a week. The average cost of a meeting is $523.

Our cost per qualified meeting averages $140. 

And comes without any ramping, training, turnover, leadership or management burden or cost. 

*All sales metrics from The Bridge Group Sales Metrics 2017, and Aberdeen Research.

What We Do

Rocket Fuel for Sales

Our omnichannel sales acceleration solution outsources your entire outbound business development process and increases both productivity and effectiveness by 10x with none of the headaches of managing your own team.

A Powerful Multi-channel Playbook

We work with you to design a business development playbook that includes digital content, personalized emails, social touches, and 400 phone dials a day that will transform your account-based strategy into immediate results.

Our 90 Day POC

During our 90 day proof of concept engagement, you will receive 25,000 sales activities (personalized emails, phone dials, and social touches) plus a customized video and an eBook that will generate lots of meetings with your prospects.

We didn't invent outbound sales. We just perfected it.

How We Do It

Design Your Playbook

We work with you during the first week to understand your markets, value and buyers, create and/or refine your messaging, and then design, develop and produce your eBook and video while getting all of your channel components sorted out

Target Companies - Sell To People

We believe that nothing gets sold by email or social touches alone and ultimately you need to talk with your prospects. Our outbound reps use world-class phone technology to get you hundreds of meetings at speeds you won't believe

Social Selling

We have developed a proven method of cultivating your prospects with social media touch-points using all of the most active platforms and leveraging personalized email within a managed cadence structure. The combination of email and social touch-points delivered at the right time is golden

Sequencing For Success

The automated orchestration of all channels (email, voice and social outreach) is critical to the playbook execution process and we use an industry leading tool-kit as a key component in our managed approach

We Aren't Just Appointment Setters

Anybody can set an appointment. Our professionally trained sales development team fully qualifies your prospects and then applies selling skills to create interest so that when you engage, your prospects will be anxious to hear more about your solution 

The Goal - Close Sales

To get to a single sale, it usually takes presenting to 4 prospects - to get 4 prospects scheduled, you need 25 meetings - to get 25 meetings, you need outreach to 125 prospects - we deliver that goal every day

Lead Genetics

A Scouting Report on Your Prospects

Advanced lead enrichment with full business and social details about your contacts, their companies, their management teams, competitors and products or services integrated with your CRM.

Advanced Lead Segmentation

Automatic lead segmentation for personalized targeting through contextual machine learning, analyzing customers and segments based on demographic, financial, business and behavioral data. 

ABM HyperTargeting

A data-driven omnichannel hyper-targeting outbound sales strategy to accelerate the highest probability leads through the funnel into engagement and conversion.

3 Simple Plans

90 Day Outbound POC

You get 25,000 sales activities  -  a mix of calls, personalized emails and social touches 


1 custom eBook or White Paper


1 custom video



(or $ .84/sales activity)

30 Day Outbound Campaign

You get 8,000 sales activities  - a mix of calls, personalized emails and social touches - a reduction in cost from your current $7 per sales activity to $1.25 per sales activity 



(or $1.25/sales activity)

Annual Outbound Subscription

You get our full outbound on demand throughout the year tied to your campaign schedule - 400 sales activities a day - a mix of calls, personalized emails and social touches


1 custom video each month


1 custom eBook or White Paper 

each month  


an enriched lead list that will include full business and social details about your contacts, their companies, their management teams, their competitors  and their products or services integrated with your CRM


$8,000 per month

(or $ .96/sales activity)


We can tell by the applause that you already love us, but sometimes questions linger:


Q: Do you guarantee results?

A: Absolutely. If we don't deliver 400 sales activities per day per program, we will refund your entire fee.

Q: Do you guarantee increased sales?

A: We wish we could, but we don't control the variables, so NO. We DO guarantee that you will receive at least 10x more opportunities to present your product or service than you have today.

Q: Can I get a customized program?

A: Yes. Some of our clients need outbound calling only and some want a smaller number of activities. We will design each program to your specifications and price accordingly.

Q: Are your SDR's located in the USA?

A: Yes. Our entire SDR team is in Northern California. They are all college educated and have been certified in our CommandSelling™ sales conversation and execution methodology. We never use off-shore resources.

Q: Can I manage the SDRs myself?

A: Yes. You are also invited to meet and interview them and tour our facility. We want you to feel like you have complete control over the reps, their messaging and delivery. They act as if they are part of your own remote sales organization.

Q: Can I get more than 400 sales activities per day?

A: Each program is designed around 400 sales activities (SA). You can purchase multiple programs in 400 SA increments or fractional programs in 200 SA increments or any combination therein.

Q: How do we get feedback on what’s working and what’s not?

A: Great question. We provide regular and rapid feedback through our disposition and pipeline reporting as to messaging efficacy and list quality. We make sure you have all of the data combined with our impressions, so you can make adjustments quickly and refine the messaging to better fit your prospects’ receptivity. Then we implement the changes immediately and execute precisely to your playbook.

Q: What kind of reporting will I get?

A: We provide daily activity reports, so you will have complete visibility into the number of calls and dials we delivered, the meetings scheduled, and the disposition of each call each day and throughout the day via both a mobile app that reports in near real time and end-of-day desktop reporting. This way you have fact-based analytics, so you can measure results and adjust on the fly.


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